Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mid-September blueberries

The peppers are nearly ready to harvest

The lot across the street has suddenly been overrun with beautiful fuzzy caterpillars


  1. Oooooooh, I LOVE it! I can hardly wait to hear all about what you see, hear and feel. Nature is fascinating--and your observations equally so.

  2. Say aren't those little fuzzy guys able to tell you about the winter? I forget how it goes, more more black short winter, short black, long winter... hmmm I don't really remember, but they are cute. And those blueberries and peppers sure look yummy!
    Love and Light, Nina P

  3. I found you after visiting Beth's blog.
    Your blog is inspiring me to get started on my own nature blog. My passion - after genealogy/family history/teaching - is nature photography.
    I'm enjoying everything that you've posted, but I wanted to say that I find your "mid-September blueberries" image particularly striking because it's a difficult type of shot to get. The depth of field and play of light & shadows are just right!
    Evelyn in Montreal