Sunday, March 7, 2010

Alligator Lizard

I hadn't seen an alligator lizard around here in years.
Then I rescued this one from a playful kitty, who had him cornered ... warily watching him move from side to side, then freeze when anything came near.

I picked him up, carrying him across the street into a "kitty-free" area, back to freedom ... where he scooted off in search of his tiny bit of heaven.

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  1. I love alligator lizards! We found one in Grammie's basement when we lived there. Lizzie lived to be four or five years old. She was a darling little lizard--she even seemed to like us humans.

    They have such beautiful faces--they are rather like scaled deer faces. (grin)

    This is a lovely picture, Sissy. I wonder if this lizard is one of Lizzy's great great great great great great grandchildren???


  2. Bravo, you are a hero. Everything in nature deserves a chance to survive.
    Your blog is delightful, thanks for sharing.
    Pam :)

  3. Your story reminds me one time when we rescued a blue tongue lizard that was nearly killed by our dogs. The lizard had a bit of scratches on his body.We cleaned the scratches and put him inside a big box. The following day when he seemed so alive and active, we decided to put him to a bush nearby where there is small creek.

    Great photo of the lizard.And my first time to see alligator lizard.Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh so glad you rescued him. I've never seen one of these before...quite a looker :)