Monday, March 22, 2010

Life's a Pitch?

The fir tree is injured in some way ...
It is pouring out pitch.
Some of it looks like blood!

Most of it looks like amber jewels, though.

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  1. What we were small I used to dream about how beautiful a drop of pitch would look on a golden chain.

    And we know what real life would have held. I, er, know from person experience--a stick mess! I love these--I can even smell their fragrance if I think about it long enough.

    I LOVE these photos, Sissy.

    I was taking that wood out of the back of my car and go some pitch on my favorite dress. I whipped out the wood alchohol put some on a dry wachcloth and scrubbed the stuff out. It worked like a charm! Not a BIT of pitch left.

    It works because it's wood based, the same as pitch. Neat, isn't it?