Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bell Road Surprise!

I was walking along rural Bell Road, looking for a Vanilla Leaf plant I thought I had seen there.
As I was admiring the beautiful leaves, something caught my eye across the road.
Something kept sticking its head out of a small hole in a large tree. Was it a bird? A squirrel? I sat for 5 minutes ... when suddenly !!!

A pileated woodpecker squeezed out of the hole!
It flew straight at me, and landed on the tree above my head.
She screamed at me, then flew off into the woods.

I think maybe I was being told off - "stay away from my babies" - or maybe ...

She wanted me to keep a close watch while she was off hunting dinner.

I watched for a while longer, then made my way home.
Because I could hardly wait to share this very beautiful and touching experience!


  1. Aaaaaaah, Sissy--I want to look and look and look at these pictures. How absolutely gorgeous! They both fill my eyes--and the story is wonderful, too. Lovely!

  2. Very nice capture and good instinct on your part.

  3. awesome ! what a fantastic view of the pileated -they are SO cool I love seeing these guys, though i usually hear them before I see them, and they are usually so high up in the trees. Great shot! Love those trees too :)

  4. Fantastic sighting and images! I hope to see a pileated in person some day. :)

  5. Amazing! What a bird. I'm glad you waited and got to see it and take the photo. You also did a good job of capturing the green of the forest. I always find that hard to do.

  6. How exciting! And what a nice capture! Once when I was driving home, I was accompanied by a hawk. It flew above me then swooped down and for about three seconds flew right alongside the car, just outside the driver's side window!

    Thanks for commenting on my recent Shadow Shot!

    - Square Peg Guy

  7. Fantastic shot! Very observnt of you to spot the movement and then wait.

  8. Woodpeckers are so cool. This one is a beauty! Also like the top shot, mysterious looking nature.

  9. Just amazing we don't get these birds in New Zealand. You live in the most beautiful, green, natural environment how lucky you are.