Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dried Up Mushroom Heart

I was walking on the Metro property ... across the field where the woods once stood ... (back before the so-called green space "preservation" group shredded everything in its path to make room for them to plant 'native plants') ... but I digress!

Across the mounds of shredded trees and shrubs, are growing strange and unusual mushrooms such as I have never seen around here before ... maybe I just didn't notice them before?

Anyway ... one of the unusual fungi had forged through the chipped plants during the last rainstorm, then dried away again after the rains stopped.

When it dried, it turned into this interesting heart!

To see hearts from around the world, visit Random Hearts, and join us for Guest Heart Thursday!


  1. What an odd fungi. I've never seen it either--maybe it is because we have become more observant in our, er, maturity?

    This is a wonderful heart, Sissy--it fills my eyes.

  2. fun! i'm a fan of fungus :) Ohh, i have a picture of lizard (i think) tracks in the shape of a heart..really cute!

  3. nature creates hearts all the time.

    Great find!