Sunday, November 14, 2010

Autumn Mushrooms, SOOC

One thing about the 'rainy season' here in the Pacific Northwest ...

The forest is overtaken with mushrooms of all shapes and sizes!

These pictures are taken straight out of the camera, cropped and re-sized only.

To see more 'Straight Out Of the Camera' images, visit SOOC Sunday!


  1. Oh...Marvelous! So artistic mushrooms. Love the nature. Thank you for sharing, Clytie.

  2. Looks like a fantasy painting. Great captures.

  3. Sort of eerie, but still lovely.

  4. awesome fungi! i've spent the last few days going thru my fungus pictures and trying to identify 'em -made me a little crazy, didn't get many! Love these photos, and i miss the mushrooms from the north coast - so much fun!

  5. Sissy, these blue mushrooms are so beautiful. They're like something I would draw. Wow--I love them--so eery, so ethereal.