Thursday, November 25, 2010

Beach Heart Rock

The tide was coming in ... we had to keep running up the beach to avoid the cold bubbly water. It was at the edge of the tide line, just after a wave receded ... that I found this beautiful heart rock.

Complete with rainbow bubbles.

What a blessing to spend 3 days at the Oregon beach with my sissie ...

Happy Thanksgiving, to all who celebrate today!

To see hearts from around the world, visit Random Hearts - and join us for Guest Heart Thursday!


  1. A very distinct heart in that rock! What a wonderful find!

  2. AWESOME find... a perfect heart...

  3. These photos are even better in person than on your camera, Sissy--I LOVE these--wish we could be back walking along that wonderful beach...(sigh)

    Ah, they just fill my eyes.

  4. Wow--those bubbles are incredibly beautiful.

  5. Oooop! I just realized I put the top pictures'
    comment on this one.

    I must say, I LOVE this rock--I took a pic of the same one--and isn't it strange how different your pic turned out, from mine?

    Ah, we make a GREAT team!

  6. Hi! There is no end to all the beautiful photos you got..can't seem to know when to stop. Thanks for dropping by and thanks for sharing.