Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dog Cloud With Rainbow!

The fog burned off early yesterday afternoon, leaving a streak of high clouds near the sun.
That's when I saw the rainbows.
I started taking pictures of this amazing beauty ...
When I realized I had captured this dog cloud!
Do you see him?
He's a happy little rainbow critter!

When we were kids we would find shapes in the clouds, but then I forgot to remember to look up. My sissie Beth changed that with her cloud portraits ... now I not only look up ... but I think of Beth every time I do!

You can find Beth's cloud paintings on her blog Beth's Artworx.
You can also find amazing cloud shapes on her new blog, Geometric.


  1. Sissy! What a COOL pic! WOW! That is one of the neatest pictures I've seen in a coon's age.

    I'm so honored you think of me when you see clouds. ((hugs))

    This one just fills my eyes.

  2. Great photograph Clytie. You are unique in discovering different shapes and images where no one ix expecting them.

  3. Very very cool!

    Have a great day, dear Clytie

  4. i can see the dog :) what perfect little fluffy clouds !

  5. I love the rainbow colors of the dog you spotted, Clytie. It was a wonderful sky discovery.

    be well, be happy :)