Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Morning Has Broken ...

The early morning sun peeked through the trees, catching the frosty fog.

The plants seemed to glow as the sun woke them up.

Frosty drops of dew covered the grass ...

Brrrr, another chilly day has begun!


  1. wow! PERFECT. The first photo is breath taking. WOW...real magic.

    And the glowing plants. unbelievable. The frosty drops are stunning too.

    Oh, Clytie thank you so much for sharing these. I'm really glad you captured this amazing nature.

  2. A chilly day but it started with some beautiful images Clytie.

  3. OOoh....WOW. These remind me so much of the ones I took last year just before I went to visit you in the hospital.

    What beauty! What glory! What fabulous most marvelous photos--they all fill my eyes.

  4. It may be chilly but it sure is beautiful. You see beauty where ever you roam, Clytie.. that is what makes you so special!

    be well, be happy,