Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"Cool" Deer

 Yesterday was warm and muggy as I took my walk ...
As I wandered past the (formerly) abandoned church, something through the window caught my attention.

A deer!

The poured-in-place concrete building stays at least 10 degrees cooler inside than out ...

And this lady was taking advantage of it!

She watched me closely for a few minutes, as I took a few pictures, and played with different camera settings.

She finally got up and left.
And so did I.


  1. What a sweet sighting! A deer is not something I would expect to see in an abandoned building...she's pretty smart to have a rest where it's cool. :)

  2. A delightful encounter, Clytie.
    Hmm, is it possible she was kneeling in prayer for cooler weather?

  3. I LOVE the way her ears dance askance. LOL These pictures are just delightful. Fills my eyes, my sweet Sissy--fills my eyes.