Friday, September 21, 2012

Finally the Rain ...

The skies turned gray today,
And a light misty rain fell.
I listened closely; maybe I could hear the parched earth sighing in response.
There was just the sound of the rain ..
tip tip tapping
While the billowing clouds thickened
And the raindrops gathered
To share their reflections ...

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  1. Hope you enjoyed those raindrops:)

  2. Thanks for sharing that poetic and moment of relief with this beautiful pic! I've been chasing my tail are things with you?

  3. Beautifull!
    I have loved this photo!
    Have always green days.

  4. That's a lovely picture ; the text below is quite funny... I hope you'll get thousand of reflections to catch after the rain... ;)

  5. Lovely raindrops and poem. Happy Green Day!

  6. I love the way the rain drops are cuddled into that green grass. Its like they're being hugged. Beautiful--will you tire of hearing that your pictures fill my eyes?