Friday, August 3, 2012

Stirring Up a Hornets Nest!

I had stopped to take a picture of a flower, when I heard an odd noise.
Kind of a "skritch skritch zzzzzz" ... from somewhere over my head.

I looked up, and jumped back about 3 feet.
Because directly overhead ...

Was this.

A hornet's nest!
At first there were only a few hornets coming and going.

Then ... an army!

Then I noticed the guy in the middle.
The one looking direct AT me.

I backed up even more ...
And left the area!

Urban Duck

You'd never know this lady and her reflection were just feet from a major street - traffic whizzing by at breakneck speed - I was glad to have parked my own car and walked over to the man-made pond beside the road.

I felt at peace, while the world around me rushed on by.

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