Sunday, January 30, 2011


Female Western Bluebird
Sialia mexicana

Male Western Bluebird
Sialia mexicana

The male shows his distinctive chest pattern.

This afternoon as I took my walk, I was surrounded by 5 beautiful birds - flitting around the trees and into the grass/gravel parking lot of the empty building across the street - the bright blues of their feathers glowed in the late afternoon light.

I was thrilled when I looked closely at my pictures - and realized they are Western Bluebirds - a species of bird I haven't seen around here since I was a small child. And there were 5 of them! Three females, two males.

I can't wait to see if they stick around to raise their families this spring.

What a blessing!


  1. Just gorgeous! Have only seen the Eastern variety myself.

  2. awww, bluebirds make me happy! I'm glad they both posed for you!