Thursday, March 24, 2011

Camelia Tree Heart

Another sign of Spring is our camelia tree ... when it blooms, I know Spring is on the way! Just yesterday I noticed ... the first flowers just budding out.

Then I noticed the heart ...

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  1. Beautiful one.

    Happy Spring, Clytie!

  2. Your camellia formed a heart just for you to find and photograph.
    And it is a beautiful heart.
    In a couple of days i will be posting some more photographs from San Francisco.. and I will have a heart for you there....
    This one i could see it all by myself.
    Have a great day Clytie.

  3. Of course there is a heart! LOL I LOVE this photo, truly fills my eyes. ((hugs)) Miss you, my darling Sissyboo.

  4. Sweet Camelia tree heart! Camelias me of my childhood home in California. I've never seen a Camelia in AZ.