Sunday, September 26, 2010

What a Hoot!

I was wandering around in the abandoned mega-church, when I heard a noise high above me in the ruined ceiling rafters ...

Something was flying around in the space between the ceilings.

Finally he stopped. And looked at me.
A beautiful juvenile barn owl.
One of two in the nest in the ceiling ...

Last year the owls chose a vent to raise their young, with disastrous results. They lost their entire brood.

I was so glad to see these cuties alive and well ... and thriving!

I've just discovered Gemma over at Greyscale Territories has a meme called "Weekend Nature". This will be my first submission to this theme!


  1. Super shots. I am amazed at what all you find in and around the abandoned mega church. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Welcome to my meme! So glad you found me!

    This is a beautiful barn owl! Love that cute face looking at you!

    We have recently had a full moon and saw two owls perched on the neighbour's roof! They seemed big and chunky, but what they were I don't know! I could not get a shot, but I'll keep watching!

  3. How beautiful, Sissy! I'm so glad the entire family is alive and full of sauce and vinegar! lol Owls are so cute--and this juvenile is darling.

    These photos fill my eyes, Sissy.