Friday, December 3, 2010

Cedar Tree Reflections

The rain finally stopped ... giving us the first sunny day in a long time.

I was drawn to the cedar trees out by the road ... their raindrop-bejeweled branches glistening and reflecting the sun.

The early winter sun made the cedar seem to glow from within, it's intricate patterns revealed ...

Down to the very tips.

I even saw a beautiful rainbow, smiling at me.

Cedar trees are special - ancient people called them the Trees of Life.
I think maybe they saw what I saw this morning.
In the sunlight after the rain ...

To see reflections from around the world, please visit James at Newtown Area photo - and join us for Weekend Reflections.


  1. Beautiful photographs Clytie.

  2. Those reflections of light on this cedar are really lovely, Clytie... As usual, you've got the eye to catch treasures of life...

  3. Sweet Clytie, thank you so much for getting these gorgeous photos to share with us!

  4. Very strange and beautiful reflections!

  5. These are so exquisite. I did some research on the cedar recently. There are all kinds of medicinal things one can do with the bark, wood, seeds and leaves of this amazing tree.

    The first and last photos just fill my eyes.