Sunday, July 10, 2011

Oh Deer ... It's Haunted!

I took a long walk today ...
I saw this beautiful green dragonfly, and followed it for a while.

I wound through the woods and ended up behind the abandoned church.
I knew I could cut through the property - a shortcut home!

I snuck through the hole in the fence, onto the church property ...
Where I saw this beautiful dragonfly, perched on a stick.

I was startled by a sound. I looked up and 2 young men were running from the building, as fast as they could - they jumped the fence and were gone.
As they ran, one of them yelled to the other "See? I told you it was haunted!"

I couldn't resist. I went inside the building, and listened.
Silence. Then ... clink ... more silence ... clank ...
I crept forward toward the sounds ...
tick, tick, tick, tick!

I carefully leaned around the wall ... and suddenly!!!!

Oh deer! I guess the building really IS haunted!!!



  1. :D very cute story and beautiful photos.

  2. LOL How funny! Pretty cute ghost! ;) What pretty dragonflies. :)

  3. I bet the deer were snickering too as the men ran from the building.
    The wayward deer is trying to decipher the haunting graffiti.. :D
    What a delightful surprise you encountered, Clytie.

    be well and happy

  4. Your dragon flies are incredibly beautiful. I haven't seen any in my area this year. Sweetest ghost encounter ever!