Friday, October 21, 2011

Fuzzy Pink Flower

I was walking over at the abandoned church when I found these Tiny pink flowers on a tall stalk - surrounded by fuzz.
*I'm not sure what kind of plant it is ...
*Update - of course Mom knew this is a Lamb's Ear, Stachys byzantina!
It used to be part of the beautiful landscaping of the once-popular mega-church ... now being reclaimed by nature.

But I couldn't think of a better PINK flower for Tina's PicStory's "Weekend Flowers"!


  1. Oh, SISSY! I want to hug it!

    This fills my eyes.

  2. It's very interesting. It looks like it has "hair". Would be interesting to know what it is called.

  3. My goodness - I've never seen anything like this before - really like your close up capture of it.

  4. what a wonderful shot! thanks for your weekend flower clytie. have a great day :)

  5. It was there for you to find, photograph and share with us the beautiful surprises of nature.

    be well be happy, Clytie
    Pam i am :D