Monday, October 24, 2011

Sun Breaks Silver on Willamette River

I walked for a moment along the bank of the Willamette River near Newberg (Oregon) yesterday ...

It was cloudy and chilly when I got there, but suddenly the sun broke through the rain clouds, lighting a silver path across the river ...

Just a much needed moment of peace ...
In a life of unrest ...

And I felt renewed.

Tina's PicStory's challenge this week is "gold or silver" - show us the gold and silver of YOUR world!


  1. ... and wonderful silver moon shine :) thanks! xo tina

  2. Wonderful reflection, beautiful shiny silver water ...
    LG: Karin

  3. Beautiful photo and a very nice text aswell.

  4. ---it´s not a mushroom :) but there is a hint now!

  5. That's a beautiful shot, and definitely a good one for PicStory's silver theme.

  6. Oh, my. Sissy--that is such a beautiful photo--it fills my eyes. I wish I could have walked with you that day. ((hugs))

    Did you notice the heart surrounding the end of that outflung branch? (grin)

    By the way--the word verification just now was: poomplam (snicker)