Thursday, January 12, 2012

Needle Ice

The ground froze last night ...
This morning, when the sun came out, I found these interesting ice heave formations. It amazes me that such a delicate piece of frozen water can lift up rocks like this!

I did some research, and learned that this type of ice is called "needle ice", frost heave, or frost beard. The National Snow & Ice Data Center (NSIDC) describes needle ice as follows: "Needle ice can form any place where the ground freezes. It crunches when stepped on. Needle ice is made up of thin ice crystals. The ice crystals grow upward, starting a few centimeters (inches) underground. If the air stays cold enough, needle ice can grow forty centimeters (16") long."

What the NSIDC doesn't say, however, is that if a deer runs through the ice patch, it leaves behind a heart!!!

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  1. so many ♥ in your world clytie :) wonderful!

  2. this is so cool-- and I don't just mean frozen! what an amazing find Clytie! I have seen needle ice recently but not with a deer's heart print left behind!

  3. love that ice!!.... and the deer heart too, of course!

  4. It may be cold, but it certainly is beautiful!

  5. That's really cool. I have never seen anything like that around here. Tho' it's cold enough. I think it got down to about 8 last night!

  6. Simply amazing, Clytie. First you discover something I have never heard of.. then wow my eyes with a surprise heart left by a dear deer.

    Enjoy your weekend my friend.
    Pam i am :)

  7. Oh, my! I love this! Malaya and I found this kind of ice, too. I had no idea it was called that. LOL These are amazing photos, Sissy!