Monday, January 16, 2012

The Tiny Beauty of Moss

If you could have only seen me yesterday ...
Taking pictures of the moss ...

And miniature mushrooms ...
In the calm between storms ...

Savoring the tiny beauty around me ...

On my hands and knees ...
Tush in the air ...
Soaked to my elbows ...

And happy as happy can be!!!

I am linking this up with Lisa's Chaos - "Macro Monday".

And Studio Waterstone's "I Heart Macro".


  1. Wow. You've really captured a magical world here... and I completely relate to the joy and beauty found after a rain :)

  2. Oh! MY! These are incredible, Sissy! OOooh--I am in awe. Fills my eyes, it does.

    Remember the first time the two of us went walking with our cameras? There we were taking pictures of mushrooms underneath a snatter of mossy branches, elbows in the leaves, tushies in the air.

    We were clicking away, then a lul in the action--we looked at each other, started laughing our heads off...Ah that was one of those moments...

    ((hugs)) LOL

  3. There is beauty even in the tiniest of raindrops.
    Have a beautiful week Clytie.

  4. the first two ones are simply beautiful ! great shots !

  5. Beautiful light, tones, and bokeh in these images!

    Happy Macro Monday

  6. you have captured this beautifully and especially think the water droplets are amazing. Very nice. Can see you lying down on the ground to get to this level

  7. I love that first photo! Absolutely fantastic!