Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gooseberry Buds

My sister and I trekked through the woods yesterday, in the forest where we played and explored as children.

It was the same, yet it was much different.
The magic, though, was still there.

We found these gooseberry plants just starting to flower. When in full bloom, their blossoms are a delicate soft pink. The buds appear to be bright red.

It was hard to go back home, but it got late. It gets dark early in the woods ... down in the canyon ... where the magic is ...


  1. those are really cute little buds! Good think you said what they were, cause i wouldn't have known ! I like background on this pic, good stuff!

  2. Oh to be lost in the magic of the woods. great shot.

  3. Beautiful buds Clytie, thanks for sharing

  4. So very pretty! I can feel the magic! ~ks

  5. those are gorgeous you eat the gooseberries off them?

  6. Indeed...the whole day was magical. I LOVE this photo. I think they WERE this red. I can hardly wait until they get ripe.

    This photo has the magic of the forest, Sissy. And it fills my eyes.

  7. It sounds as though you had a wonderful day and your photo is so graceful~