Wednesday, June 2, 2010

All This Rain Makes the Cottonwoods Drip

For the past week, allergy sufferers have been dealing with the 'fluff' falling from black cottonwoods, Populus balsamifera. In some places, it covers sidewalks and roads like drifting snow.

So today's heavy rains are actually a blessing in disguise.
Because now we can breathe again!

And we can once again lose ourselves in the jeweled beauty of the raindrop ...


  1. Mother Nature said 'its time to do the laundry again... and wash the world...

    Be well be happy, my friend ;)

  2. Such crystal sun bright drops--against the green of leaf, they stir my soul.

  3. Super post, Clytie. Your photo reminds me of the sweet gum leaves outside my work window. One day last week they finally drooped onto themselves, dripping and blowing limply, soaked through and through. But you're so right about the rain--it can get rid of problems for those of us who suffer from allergies. And there's always the promise of beauty to come--blossoms, fruits, vegetables, waterfalls. Ah, the Pacific Northwest! Thank you for your prayers.