Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bird on Branch

When I was walking the other day I noticed several birds following me. There were 3 and they followed me around, chirping and tweeting.

I wondered if they were the grown-up babies I watched until they left the nest ...

Maybe ...

I just enjoyed their presence.


  1. Juncos! Love these little guys :) We have some seed outside our window and they finally starting coming up to the other day, yeah!

  2. I was sitting on my porch today, and this little red bird, don't know what type it was, it popped it's head out from a tall bush and began singing the sweetest melody ever to touch my ears!
    It's the little moments in was so cute!

    take care, i'm now following you here too!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

    and btw..thanks for the comments on my blog! i appreciate your visits very much!

  3. You are never alone in nature, Clytie. Something is always by your side when you walk with Mother Nature.
    Peaceful feeling... isn't it ;)

  4. Oh, Sissy! This is so beautiful I can hardly put it into words--suffice it to say this photo fills my eyes.

    I am sure these little ones must recognize you--they're the birdies in the nest you were visiting! lol I imagine they think you are wonderful--I do too.