Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Oceanspray, Holodiscus discolor

I've heard this bush referred to as "ironwood". This is because the wood is apparently very hard and strong. Native Americans used the stems to make digging sticks, bows and arrows, harpoons, spears, and more.

Oceanspray is one of my favorite shrubs. From a distance, the flower bunches are a white blur. When you look closer, however, the individual flowers are spectacular little explosions of beauty.

These little fireworks are perfect for the 4th of July season, aren't they?


  1. Oh, they are lovely--is that the flowering shrub we used to call Fairy's Lace?

    What wonderful photos--It really does look like ocean spray. These photos just fill my eyes, Sissy.

  2. They sure are gorgeous and they just pop when I look at them, Clytie

    be well, be Happy ;)

  3. Oh this is simply stunning! i love the softness...which is ironic considering you're saying it's referred to as iron wood! heheee...

    the colouring of the photos is a delicious and inspiring shade of blue green! terrific!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  4. I like these a lot.there's a nice fairytale feel to them, beautiful!

  5. Amazing beauty!!
    Gorgeous..Loved the green shades!!

    My Yatra Diary...