Monday, June 27, 2011

Feathery Tree Flowers - Abstract Beauty

I was walking at the (formerly) abandoned church property when I found a beautiful feathery pink tree - when I looked closer, I found tiny yellow flowers in bloom!

I couldn't quite focus on the flowers, but fell in love with the abstract quality that came out.

I also found this fly.

I've never seen a fly with an orange behind before!!!

And since it is still June ... and the 'feathery' tree is flowering in June, I am making this abstract flower my entry to "Random Challenges" June Flower Challenge.


  1. what great choices for June flowers! These flower pictures are gorgeous! They fill my eyes--so soft and feathery. lol And that fly--well, I have never seen a fly with an orange behind before either...remember that orange fly with the lime green eyes was saw a few years ago?

    Maybe there are ALIENS on the loose...

  2. Nices photos, I love the framing and the light given off by flowers. Excellent texture and color.