Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Last of June ...

The rhododendrons are nearly gone ...

The spiders are getting bigger!

Dragonflies have come to visit ...

And critters will eat just about anything (like this blackberry bud heart!)

Yes, June is ending -- hello July!

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  1. Nice heart find <3 Mother nature is full of suprices

  2. Very nice shots. :) LG Tina

  3. I love your close-ups. and hearts too.

    Have a happy July!

  4. Beautiful photographs again.
    A pity they have eaten that heart.

  5. I am so amazed by what you find. You have the magic eye, I think, when it comes to taking pictures. I especially love the blackberry heart with a hole. (grin) Fills my eyes it does.

    That dragonfly is amazing, too. WOW! How on earth did you get it to sit still?!

  6. I am sad my rhodies are gone for the year... I so look forward to them each year! Wonderful post... great pics.. TFS