Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Late Afternoon Walk ...

(click on pictures to enlarge - it's worth it!)

Honeybees in this area were nearly wiped out years ago ...
They have been making a comeback. Slowly.
This year seems to be a banner year for honeybees - I haven't seen so many in one place in years!!!

The oxeye daisies are in bloom now ... enticing all kinds of critters to feast.
Including the honeybees!

Spitbugs seem to be everywhere this year. This one had made it's home on top of a delightfully curled leaf.

I found this wild strawberry ... and just as quickly ... it was gone.


When the critters weren't flying from flower to flower collecting pollen and nectar, they were ... um ... well ... (hey guys, get a room!)

I left the critters to their feasts and fun, collected a pocketful of wild rose petals, and came home.



  1. Stunning! Amazing! extraordinary! Oooh, Sissy! I get to tell everyone you are MY SISTER! WOW! These fill my eyes to the brim.

    These are in the category of Abe Lincolns incredible photography. And THAT is one of the greatest compliments I can give.

  2. The pictures are so wonderful! I love seeing all the little details in the pictures that you took.

  3. Very beautiful pictures!!! Lg Tina