Thursday, June 7, 2012

Daisy Heart Inspired

Have you ever been inspired by someone?

Well I was inspired last week by Tina.
(Tina's PicStory)

She posted a beautiful photo of a daisy with a heart shaped center.
It took my breath away!

I tried and tried to find a daisy with a heart shaped center ...
And finally did.
It's not as amazing as Tina's, but you can still tell there's a heart!

Thank you, Tina ... you're awesome.

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  1. cool! :) thanks for inspiring you ♥

  2. Daisies are my all time favorite flowers.. finding one with a heart shaped center is blessing from Mother Nature.
    Beautiful capture, Clytie.
    I hope you are well and happy :)

  3. Daisies are my favorite too! This one is so cute - it looks to me like it has a face, and like that petal lifted up is a hand blowing a kiss!

  4. Yes, Tina--you are awesome! And Sissy--this is a wonderful photo! ((hugs)) I do so love daisies.