Friday, June 1, 2012


 As much as I get tired of the rain ...
I love the raindrops!

 Even plain old grass becomes beautiful ...

Do you ever get the feeling of being "watched"???

To see reflections from around the world, join us for James' "Weekend Reflections"!


  1. EGad! It's a raindrop eye! lol Oh, Sissy--these are just gorgeous! I never get tired of raindrops either. It isn't raining down here--so I'm envious. Well, kind of. (grin)

    These photos just fill my eyes.

  2. I like raindrops too. We never have rain here, and I miss it. It's good to see them again! Thank you!:o)

  3. Plenty of rain here usually - I love the way you can see the whole world in a raindrop.

  4. I cannot believe you actually caught the reflection of the eye in that one shot. It is awesome. One great shot. The other two are wonderful, too. Those are good sized raindrops. genie