Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bumblebee, I think

I found this beautiful bumblebee (I think) crawling across the road.
I went to a bumblebee identification page and did my best to describe what I saw.

Below is the response:
  • you have a kind that is not yet in the guide.
  • the guide is wrong.
  • or you selected characters that you shouldn't have.
So ... I still don't know much about this little guy, except that he is a bee, and he is bee-utiful!


  1. I've seen these bumble bees around here, too. There are less and less of the original black and yellow furred bumble bees around.

    These bees seem, though, to have the same gentle disposition of the big black & yellow bumble bees--and you're right--he's bee-utiful!

  2. Aw, gorgeous little bee and cute too :) This is the one guidebook i don't have! Love the little guy though!