Monday, April 5, 2010

Trailing Blackberry Blossom

The trailing blackberry is native to this area.
It is being taken over by Himalayan blackberries,
And Evergreen blackberries.

Their fruit is smaller.
Their vines are smaller.
They bloom earlier.

They are sweeter, too.
But it's hard to find enough to eat -
Because the critters are in on the secret!

I will have to guard this one carefully -


  1. I love the fruit of the original blackberry bushes--their taste is like nectar from our childhood. We have one growing in the neighbors hedge--which likes to visit our side of the fence. I don't mind one bit.

    This picture is just beautiful, Sissy.

  2. I wanted to say, I love the way the blackberry blossom shows against the rain be-speckled green of the leaves. This fills my eyes.

  3. damn that himalayan blackberry! It's overtaking the native ones up here too.. Love the little flowers on this one, really cute! :)

  4. I honestly didn't even know that there are different sorts of Blackberries :)
    I first saw the blossom and thought 'uh, different', then I read your text.
    Would love to taste one of these, one of these days :)