Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dragonfly Magic

I was walking up the grassy path when I noticed a dragonfly flitting nearby.
I stopped in my tracks as he settled gracefully onto a small twig in front of a thistle bush.

I slowly crept forward ... so as not to startle him away.
And took his picture.

Suddenly he darted away. Around my head - then he touched my shoulder.
And returned to his branch.
I took a few more pictures - and off he took.
Around my head - then again a light touching of my shoulder.

And once more to his branch.

He did this 4 times before I gently bid him farewell
and went about my way.

He followed me a while, then left.

I'm not sure what kind of connection we had ...

Or maybe he was just a 'poser'.

I don't know - but it was a mysterious and magical moment for me.

I purposely left these images large - if you click to see them full size you will see how beautiful this dragonfly is.


  1. Dear Clytie,
    He was checking out the universal connection between you two. Once he made sure you're connected, he posed for you. You were open to feel the oneness. It's magical moment, indeed. So glad you shared this. I sometimes experience quite similar situations.

    And the shots are....PERFECT. I tried to take some shots of a dragonfly. Couldnt. Dunno why. It might be my camera. I'll take them one day. :))
    It's a longish comment. I know you won't mind.

    Have a sunny Tuesday!

    Love, Dani

  2. Hello Clytie,

    Thank you for visiting my blog.
    Your blog is very interesting and I´ll visit it more times.



  3. Getting a good dragonfly is a hard thing to do, but you nailed it. I never thought about having a willing model to photograph! Very cool story and great shots!

  4. Oh, you need to visit the coast again. Grab sis and go! Point your cameras west and enjoy. :-) (3 years is too long for living so close.)

  5. OOooh...Sissy! I heard the story when I was over yesterday--these photos are exquisite. They are just amazing.

    I love the pattern of his wings...some faery should be sporting such perfection of wing.

    This fills my eyes...oh, it does fill my eyes. And I LOVE your story. You know I love stories. Especially a story as magical and whimsical as this one.

  6. That's a real beauty you captured there!

  7. He is beautiful but not quite as lovely as your awe inspiring words, Clytie.

    Thanks for the magical journey, it was delightful.

    be well, be happy;)