Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More Critters!

The tansy caterpillar is doing it's job - eating the dreaded noxious weed.
I came back the next day and the whole plant was down to the stalk.
My hero!

As I walked up the road, I saw this snake stretched across the pavement. At first I was afraid he had been hit by a car - he was so still. Turns out he was just warming himself on the still-warm surface.
I shooed him back into the safety of the bushes.

I moved a box and felt something staring at me.

And finally, this gorgeous ladybug obligingly posed on a cardboard box long enough for me to get some close-up photos.

He almost doesn't look real!
But he is!


  1. Your critter pictures are adorable, my favorites are the snake and frog. :)

  2. I adore that fat tansy caterpiller! I wonder what he turns into? What a beauty of a photo--and the frog. (snicker) And the snake! Eeeek! All so very lovely--and fill my eyes.

  3. Eew, critters! But I like the peek-a-boo pic; we had many such encounters around the house when we lived in Phuket...