Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Still More Critters - No Snakes This Time, Carmelina!

A raggedy swallowtail butterfly ...
Still beautiful.

This little bird found a unique niche to look for dinner.

This tiny little hummingbird was barely bigger than my thumb. He sat still for me to get this one shot, then flitted away.

Sissie and I found this brilliant green tree frog near the stream ...
He posed so nicely!

As promised, Creative Carmelina, a snake-free post today -


  1. Ooohhhh! Just look at that chubby little hummingbird! I sit out on my mom's deck and get "buzzed" all day by the hummeingbirds that frequent her watering spot. Some have been bold enough to try and land on my shoulders; tho I have no idea why?

  2. WOW animals DO love you. They feel your love for nature. Great shots, Clytie. And that frog, wow, such a cool green frog.

  3. Love the froggies! :-) And the swallowtail, lucky you! I cannot seem to get close to one this year.

  4. ohh lots of good stuff in this one! Love the butterfly ! The first bird looks like a white-breasted nuthatch and I think (not sure though) the hummer is a juvie calliope maybe? Cute stuff! and the treefrog! Love!

  5. Wow, Sissy! I haven't seen a swallowtail for some time. I love the little birdie, too--and I laughed over the hummingbird. He's such a cutie--as Abe would say, "As cute as a bug's ear."