Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hummingbird Surprise!

Yesterday as I walked through the grounds of the abandoned church, I was startled by a tiny bird that darted out from a patch of overgrown ivy ...

No bigger than my thumb, this little hummingbird buzzed my head a few times, then perched on a branch just in front of me.

I must have walked too close to her nest, and she was warning me away.
So I quietly left ... after taking a few photos!


  1. Some wonderful shots. I don't recall ever seeing one perched, they are always at the blooms when I see them, and never a camera handy or able to get close enough anyway.

  2. Is this that same little lady who buzzed us along the road there? What gorgeous pictures, Sissy! LOL I LOVE this little birdie. Maybe when she gets used to you, she'll see you as Friend.

    lol I was just divebombed by our little herd of birds--seems they ran out of nectar yesterday evening! Spunky little fellows!