Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Western Tanager?

While walking along the Metro property, sissie and I were shocked and delighted at the numerous birds and other wildlife that were enjoying the warm spring day.

We were mystified by these beautiful yellow bellied birds ... they were too big to be goldfinches, and too yellow to be ... well, anything else I know of!

It wasn't until the male started flitting about the fir tree in the distance that I realized ... these beautiful birds were (most likely) Western Tanagers! The last time I saw one ... the ONLY time I saw one around here was over 10 years ago.

They are only in our area for a short time to mate, raise their young, then fly further north before the real heat of the summer. They return in the fall on their way to warmer climes to the south of us.

According to my bird book, they stick to heavily wooded areas, and are very rarely seen.
What a blessing to be among the few people to catch these beauties in action - twice!


  1. Gorgeous bird, looks like the Western Kingbird I've been seeing around here lately.

  2. What a beauty! He seemed so interested in watching us, too--these pictures are wonderful, much better than the ones I caught!

    That first one, especially fills my eyes.