Friday, May 13, 2011

Pitchy Reflection, Tree Gnome

Sissie and I walked through the woods last week ... and found a tree dripping with sap. We crowded around the tree with our cameras, clicking away ... ending up with tree sap on our elbows and hands ... and in our hair and clothes!
It must have been a funny sight - we were being so careful not to get the sticky stuff on our cameras!

The results were worth it - the reflections on each single drop of pitch were amazing!

Then someone else joined our little tree party ...

A tree gnome - and I think he was laughing at us!!!

To see reflections from around the world, visit James at "Newtown Area Photo" - and join us for Weekend Reflections!


  1. Great shots! I bet the fairies weren't to far away either.

  2. awesome. the first looks like a fish. :)

  3. A great pic of the sap -funny though how it stuck to you:)And a very interesting tree...trunk?

  4. Funny anecdote, Clytie... And this heart shape is very beautiful, too.

  5. I love these reflections. it's hard to determine the size of the drop, but it's fabulous photography. hope you got it out of your hair. it can be some mean stuff in that regard!

  6. Beautiful shot of the sap, I like the bubble in it, and the "stretch" marks!

  7. Hahaa--I actually DID get some pitch on my camera--not the lens--just the outer part. Since rubbing alcohol is made from wood--it takes pitch right off. (grin)

    I love these pictures. The pitch pic looks even better online than on the camera. And I'm sure that funny little tree gnome found us to be quite amusing.

    Remember the first time we went walking with our cameras? We were both our our knees, bunz in the air, noses and cameras close to some ground mushrooms hidden beneath a bushel of bushes...we looked at one another and laughed our heads off.