Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Deer in Dale's Field

Look at what I saw in Uncle Dale's field!

We were blessed to grow up next door to Grammie and Uncle Dale.

(when I say 'next door', that's country talk for 'up the path, through the gate, through the pasture, through the second gate, between the trees' ... then Grammie's house!)

They were just standing there ... watching me.
Isn't he gorgeous?

She was a little nervous, but they stayed for a while,
then slowly ambled away ...


  1. It is wonderful to be able to watch the deer roaming around in a field so close to you Clytie. You are very lucky, indeed :)

    be well, be happy :)

  2. Entirely gorgeous... what wonderful company to have.

    So, now I'm waking up, perhaps, is it true there are two of you ? Or even three if we count a certain sister ? Random Nature, Random Hearts, two profiles ? Two people ? Or one ? And how does one know which is which ? Twice the fun ?

  3. Yes, there are two of me ... one is my main blog and profile ... then there's the softer, gentler alter-ego blog. I'll let you guess which of me is which!!!

    Definitely twice the fun!

    But gosh it's so hard to hide when you have a name like Clytie! Not many of us around!