Saturday, May 1, 2010

Scotch Broom , Cytisus scoparius

Scotch Broom.
I know it's not native to this area.
In fact, it's considered an invasive species!
But I couldn't resist the beauty of these beautiful golden-yellow blossoms.

The Scotch Broom was brought to Vancouver Island in 1850 by Captain Walter Colquhoun. Of the seeds he planted, 3 germinated. All of the plants that are invading the West Coast are descendants of these three plants. The seeds and pods contain toxic alkaloids which have been known to 'depress the heart and nervous system'.

The flowers really are striking, though!


  1. I also admire Scotch Broom. Thanks for the photo and info.

  2. Hi Clytie, I've done two posts with the same sentiments. Actually, the second will be posting on Astoria DP in a day or two. I love these flowers, but they are so destructive. I had no idea how much it costs the state until I researched it. On the up and downside, a student won an award for inventing a process to turn Scotch broom into biofuel, but I haven't heard that it's being used. Too bad. And meanwhile, I just love looking at them. Schizo, but hey :)

  3. Beautiful photograph Clytie.

  4. Your right, Clytie. They are a gorgeous yellow flower but I guess their beauty can be fatal.
    Thanks for sharing this interesting info.

  5. Invasive yet beautiful!

    Pretty yellow.

  6. Your comment was interesting that the plant is just making its way to your area now. So often something is or isn't. It seems rare to note that it's in transition.