Monday, May 3, 2010

Wild Flag

Wild-Flag, Iris setosa

I have been waiting for these all spring ...
They used to be everywhere around here, but now I only rarely see them.
This one was blooming just down the road ...
In fact, right next to the road!


  1. Pretty! What happened to them?

  2. I love wild flags. They used to grow everywhere--I'm with Tom--what happened to them? They are so very lovely. If you find where they live, I'd love to snag a start.

    This is a truly love picture. Makes me homesick for our childhood.

  3. i only recently learned there were actually wild iris..i've seen a lot around here. this one's beautiful, i hope you find more soon - maybe they're just blooming late?

  4. The flower stands out, especially since it is my hubby's favorite color...