Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Magical Walk in the Woods, Part 1

False Solomon's Seal, Smilacina racemosa

Until I saw the macro, I had never seen one of these flowers up close.
It's kind of strange ... but beautiful!

Hooker's Fairybells, Disporum hookeri

They live up to their name ... well, the fairybell part anyway!
Most of these plants I've seen are small, maybe 6 inches tall.
This year, I found two plants that are over 3 feet tall!

Yellow Wood Violet, Viola glabella

These bright and beautiful "Johnny-Jump-Ups" are some of the first forest flowers to brighten the woods after winter.

They are usually gone by now, but all things seem to be different this year!


  1. these are great - i see the violets all over the place here right now - love that there are so many of them on the forest floor! I love those first two shots - i don't tknow those, but i like 'em! and Hooker's fairybells- what a great name!

  2. Yes, nature seems to be vibrating at a great intensity just now. Makes me wonder--all of these photos are so beautiful.

    They all fill my eyes and make me homesick for another walk in the forest with my darling Sissy. ((hugs))