Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Walk in the Rain ...

Thimbleberry, Rubus parviflorus

Yesterday I was inspired (No, Owen, I hadn't planned on going for a walk in the rain yesterday) to go for a walk. A misty rain was falling ...

I noticed each thimbleberry blossom in one section of the woods had a tiny beetle in the middle. Every time I tried to get my little point-n-shoot camera close enough for a shot, they would drop off and disappear.

Except one. It didn't even notice that I was there!

Oh. Now I know why.

Bee and Nootka Rose, Rosa nutkana

Cut-leaved Geranium, Geranium dissectum

After this shot the rain started coming down really hard, so I packed up my camera and went home.


  1. Oooooh, MY! (blush) You are right, there's a reason they didn't pay attention!!!

    By the way, I LOVED your photo of the cut leaf geranium--just gorgeous and fills my eyes.

  2. You have a delightful way of seeing and enjoying the beauty of nature around you, Clytie... that my friend is a blessing in itself :)

  3. Wow! Another great post
    as per usual! LOVE your
    blog soooo much! Such
    an inspiration! Am
    definitely bookmarking
    you! Hope you can stop
    by mine sometime :)

  4. Wow, nice macros! I like the bugs and also the crinkly white flower petals. :)

  5. Just for you - what would you like a Goonie photo of? I'll see if I can arrange it. I should probably get their house on the blog this week.

    Beautiful flower pix once again. Quite a racy theme happening here :)

  6. ohh! i love that little geranium , what a beauty! Great photos, sorry it rained on you! :(