Monday, May 17, 2010

Forest Critters

Yesterday's walk was perfect - not too hot, not too cool.

I saw so many critters - like this beautiful moth.

It took a while, but I finally managed to get this bumblebee to sit still long enough ...

Millipede - Harpaphe

This shiny golden beetle stood out amongst the surrounding forest debris.

And the spider has found a beautiful new home.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day, and week to come.


  1. Cool images, the millipede and spider on flower are my favorites. :)

  2. That moth looks so soft. If I were a faery I would stroke it's wings and beg for a ride. I love the detail in that beetle, and you know Bumble bees are among my favorite insects! I also delighted in the sly spider on the edge of the flower. As for centipedes--they make great pictures, but in real life they stink. LOL

  3. I love your forest critters. What nice photos. I haven't seen a millipede like that before.